About LACASA Collection

Our Mission

We inspire our customers to shop for good and donate for good, knowing they are helping victims of abuse at LACASA Center. We create a comfortable setting for our clients to shop with dignity for the things they need at no charge. All store proceeds stay local and fund critical programs for victims of abuse and interpersonal violence.

Our Name

Life is a collection of experiences. How we weave those experiences into the tapestry of our lives is what determines our eventual happiness and fulfillment.

The victims and survivors who come to LACASA journey forward, often against great odds, to heal from the physical and emotional wounds of abuse.

We honor the courage that brings them to our doorstep. We respect the incredible risks they take to save their own lives. We are inspired by their bravery and resilience as they work to create a future that is free of abuse.

The name of our store is representative of how, when we work collectively, we can co-create a patchwork of empowering experiences that change lives.

About LACASA Center

The LACASA Collection is part of LACASA Center, which provides comprehensive services for victims of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.

LACASA Center is a locally-based, independent nonprofit, which receives no support or funding from a national parent organization. It is only through generous donations from people like you that LACASA can continue to provide all services for victims and survivors at no charge.

All contributions stay local and help provide protection for victims, support for survivors, and educational and awareness programs that help prevent abuse in our community.

Learn more at lacasacenter.org 

Survivors shop with dignity

The LACASA Collection not only provides the community with an opportunity to shop for good and donate for good, it also empowers LACASA’s clients to shop with dignity for things they need at no charge. Clients receive confidential gift cards from their counselors, enabling them to make purchases of clothing and household goods for themselves and their children.

In the future, LACASA will be developing a program for clients that will involve job training and employment opportunities.

Our Story

Deep cuts in state and federal funding continue to affect nonprofit organizations. In an effort to offset grant reductions, LACASA Center started to explore business options that would provide a source of sustainable funding for the agency.

LACASA’s Board of Directors and a special subcommittee researched the viability and financial success of resale stores operated by nonprofit groups throughout the state. After significant fact-finding, the board determined that establishing an upscale resale shop in Livingston County made sound business sense.

The planning of the new venture began in 2016, and the LACASA Collection officially opened its doors on August 14, 2017.

All proceeds from the store directly fund programs and services at LACASA Center.

LACASA Center and LACASA Collection are 501c3 nonprofit organizations.